Who is Greg Willett ?


Greg Willett’s first gig was on Bozo’s Big Top, followed by his breakout performance on Romper Room.  Now 50 YEARS LATER, he’s working all over the Midwest. Opening for Emo Phillips, T.J.Miller, Tom Segura, Ryan Stout, Greg Morton, Todd Yohn, Jimmy J J Walker, Paul Hooper, Carlos Mencia and Dave Coulier, to name just a few.

His high-energy comedy is odd, quirky and intellectually twisted. His perspective on daily events and the myriad of his life experiences make you wonder if he is “not quite right”.  There’s something funny about that boy…in both senses of the word.  Audiences are sure to leave with a smile on their faces…come see for yourself.



"Greg Willett helped remove my mouse's tumor and just 5 days after the surgery, he's acting normal again! Thanks, Greg Willett"